"We can't stop the waves, but we can learn to surf".

It’s about Changing the World from Within.

Craving serenity?

Research suggests that for nearly half of our waking hours, we are disengaged from the present, our minds wandering elsewhere.

It’s as if our lives are running on autopilot, seemingly escaping from our grasp…

But there’s a way to regain control, to consciously steer our life’s course, moment by precious moment.

This path to reclaiming your present is known as Mindfulness.

Overwhelmed?<br>Craving serenity?<br>
There is a practice for you

There is a practice for you

Practicing mindfulness can be of tremendous help in our everyday life as in our darkest hours.

For  proof, the number of scientific research programs on the market have literally sky rocketed over the past 10 or 20 years.

But what, really, is mindfulness?

And how can it help me?

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What's in it for me?

Ever wondered how a simple act of mindfulness can revolutionise your life? For decades, scientists have been uncovering remarkable benefits that will make you think, ‘Why didn’t I start this sooner?

Mindfulness is no longer just a buzzword – it’s a scientifically-backed tool for transformation. And the best part? The potential benefits are tailor-made for you.

But don’t take our word for it. Dive into the wealth of research that proves the power of Mindfulness Practices as reported by the American Psychological Association.

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What's in it for me?
The Practices

The Practices

Mindfulness practices fall into three distinct categories:

    • Formal Practices
        • Sitting meditation

        • Walking meditation

        • Body scan

        • Mindful stretches

    • Informal Practices
        • Sweeping the floor

        • Peeling carrots, etc.

    • Cultivating Mindful Attitudes
        • There are 7 of them

        • Beneficial to the practice

Discover the Practices
Anchored in Tradition, yet...

Anchored in Tradition, yet...

Mindfulness Practices draw their chore practices from the Buddhist tradition.

Yet, nowadays, in the west, the practices pioneered by the Dr Jon KABAT-ZINN, are entirely secular.

Discorering mindfulness
& the MBSR Programme

Mindfulness emerges naturally
when we direct our attention deliberately,
without judgement, moment by moment
and with kindness,
to the experience that is unfolding

An enigmatic, yet simple and profound definition by the man who popularised mindfulness in the west. Yet, what does it really mean?

Today, Pierre continues the works he started in Europe years ago, in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia and accompany us on the way…

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Discorering mindfulness <br> & the MBSR Programme
About Pierre..

About Pierre..

Pierre’s journey with mindfulness began in 1981, in Australia, when he first sought peace and healing through mindfulness meditation, after a life-altering road accident left him with severe tinnitus.

This transformative path helped him to cope with tinnitus and shaped his life philosophy, highlighting the inner strength within each individual and the profound impact of mindfulness.

Certified instructor for the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme from the Institute for Mindfulness-Based Approaches in Germany and a meditation teacher accredited by the British School of Meditation, Pierre’s expertise is further enhanced as a Reiki Master Teacher certified by the Centre International de Reiki in Belgium.

Pierre is now based in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

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The promise of MBSR

An 8-Week Journey to Self-Guided Stress Management

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10 Core Attitudes to Navigate Life

"The Mindfulness Matrix: 10 Core Attitudes to Navigate Life" by Pierre GESLiN. Pierre shared the transformative power of mindfulness during the collective solitude of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world turned to introspection, many struggled with the newfound challenge of facing themselves, leading Pierre, a Brittany-based mindfulness practitioner and teacher, to recognise a common issue: people claimed meditation didn't work for them. Pierre argues that meditation is not inherently effective; it must be made to work through proper guidance and the cultivation of essential attitudes.

Over 18 months, Pierre offered free meditation sessions and MBSR programs, witnessing the transformative impact of mindfulness firsthand. In his book, he shares lessons from this journey, aiming to demystify mindfulness, address misconceptions, and offer practical guidance to those struggling on their mindfulness path.

The book is a practical guide through the "Mindfulness Matrix," a tool that equips readers with the necessary tools and understanding to navigate the intricacies of mindfulness. Each chapter is dedicated to one of ten core attitudes—like Beginner's Mind, Trust, Non-Judging, and Acceptance—complete with insights, exercises, and meditations to integrate mindfulness into daily life.

The book covers various topics crucial for fulfilling mindfulness practice, from discussions on the difficulties of meditation to the joys of experiencing life with a beginner's mind. Pierre emphasises the importance of patience, letting go, and non-striving, underscoring that mindfulness is a journey, not a destination.

With additional resources and practice exercises, the book serves as both a roadmap and a companion for the reader's journey through the matrix of mindfulness. Pierre offers a heartfelt invitation to embark on this transformative journey, filled with open hearts and curious minds, towards the untapped potential within each individual. This potential can be unlocked through the power of mindfulness.